Friday, July 30, 2004

Wa-ter Spider

Peering up at me this morning from his bath prison cell was a rather large, black spider.  

He was very still as though any movement would draw my attention to him - if a big, black insect in a white bath wasn't enough.   I wonder if he was holding his breath, telling himself not to cough.

I hadnt been in the house for a while and this spider had obviously taken advantage of a couple of days of dry pipework to go exploring in search of the spider holy grail, before realising that the light at the end of the tunnel was in fact my plughole.  When spiders are in the bath and can't get out why dont they just go back the way that they came?  It wouldnt take long would it.

Then it got me wondering how many spiders actually try and make the pilgramage up Watksi's drain pipe only to be caught half way inbetween when i use the shower, and are flushed back down.  Maybe I'm a spider mass murderer, wanted in Spider world for crimes against spiders.  Is my face on a wanted poster?  Do they use the web? 

Do the spiders use my drain as fun - as some sort of spider water park, and because of the dry few days the spider that appeared in my bath was the spider water park handyman who had gone to have a look at why the water on the big slide had stopped, maybe all the junior spiders were queuing up at the bottom of the drain with their floats, armbands and water wings waiting for the water to be switched back on.

I wonder if they are all concerned about his disappearance.  Maybe if i hold him hostage for a few days then the spiders will stop messing around and get back to the job in hand of catching flies, which they seem to have overlooked recently.  My house is echoeing to the noise of 'Bzzzzz da' as a fly mistakes a closed window for the exit.