Monday, August 02, 2004

Freezer Hell

I'm never making that mistake again. If i mention that I'm going to defrost the freezer again then please remind me that its a bad idea.

I noticed a few days ago that the freezer was becoming a bit of an icehole, there was more ice in the freezer than there was room for food that requires freezing, and as a consequence sourcing food within said freezer was becoming a bit of a pain. Snowmen were knocking on the door asking for refuge.

I remember my Mum defrosting the freezer regularly when I used to live at home and dont remember there ever being any great fuss, other than a day of eating food, so i thought i'd give it a go. How hard can it be? Switch power off and make sure all the melting fluid has enough recepticles to flow into. Job done. Or so I thought.

The plug to the freezer was switched off and was left limp of power overnight, with towels and trays underneath aiming to catch all the melting ice. I didnt expect any problems. How wrong could I be?

I should have known that Mums make things look easier than they really are, there should be some sort of disclaimer that comes with childhood that states 'some tasks that Mums perform may seem easier than they actually appear - please seek qualified help before embarking on anything you've ever seen your Mother do'. Mum is short for 'StuntMum'.

I awoke to the kitchen floor awash with water. All of the trays, buckets and towels were full to the brim, everything else was sodden. Where was all this water coming from - as much ice as there was in the freezer it still couldnt have made this amount of fluid water surely. I thought about checking for burst pipes before tackling the overflow.

The kitchen is now still drying out. Next time i wont bother. Or I'll get my Mum to help.