Thursday, December 09, 2004

The name game..

I’m sure the HR department here at work are playing with my mind. It must be a new style of psychometric test.

A little while ago a guy called Aaron started in my department. For some reason Aaron is one of those names that I always have to think about when I say. Fortunately, for me and Aarons in general, I’ve never really happened across many of them – you just wouldn’t in deepest Nottinghamshire, where would they have gone to school? They wouldn’t have lasted 2 minutes. Maybe they all went private.

As this Aaron is in my department, he sits near me and I have cause to say his name a lot as I deal with him quite a bit. This is where the problem rears it head, mainly because he pronounces it Air-un, whereas I instinctively want to pronounce it as Ar-un. I think it’s down to the fact that I used to work with another guy who pronounced it that way.

Some people don’t mind mis-pronunciation, not him. After a trial period where he would correct people on the unsaid understanding that it never happened again, I am now the only person who still gets it wrong, albeit only every now and again. I am improving. You can see the pure hate in his eyes whenever I do get it wrong though. And why shouldn’t he? It is his name after all.

Last week, another chap starts here and I was down to do part of his induction. I almost cried when he introduced himself as Arun.

I think I may have to kill one of them.