Monday, February 28, 2005

Things that are ace...

....number 1 in a series of..., err 1 probably.

Unashamedly inspired by Channel 4's seemingly never ending Sunday night Top 100 of anything that is remotely shite series, comes Watski's series of 'Things that...'

Following on from Fridays 'Things that aren't what they used to be....' is todays installment: 'Things that are ace...'

No. 1. When your boss takes you into an office and says that you can leave when you want to with the added bonus of getting paid up until the end of April.

Totally unprepared for this bombshell I heard myself talking too much in response. It was nothing like the 'thanks for the experience' rubbish that I'm also capable of spouting, it was more like 'oh, well I was planning on doing this and planning on doing th...' before I realised what I was saying and stopped myself in my tracks.

"What are you doing?" I asked myself "What's the idea volunteering to carry on work when you're being offered time off? Crikey, save that heroic rubbish for the CV and the interviews and get out of here, quickly. And don't speak again."

There's already been one spanner thrown into my prospective life of leisure though - no sooner had I ran from the building than an agency, who had obviously been watching this development, rang to organise an interview for me London. I'll have to get the gas mask out of the loft now.

That'll probably be the end of 'Things that are ace...' for the moment as things that are ace dont tend to happen with enough regularity for me to be able to write about one tomorrow.