Friday, February 25, 2005

Things that aren't what they used to be...

..Number 1 in a series of...., err 1 probably:


How rubbish is snow nowadays? If snow today were a man it would be described as a bit effeminate. I remember the days that snow came, stuck around for ages, bothered everyone, hospitalised a few old people, then got icy, stayed around a bit more, got a bit boring, then melted, then snowed again. Over about a 3 week period.

Now, no sooner has it fallen then it's melted, and if by any chance it does hang around for any length of time it's the slushy type that just gets in the way.

No sledging, no nothing.

I don't even know if I like sledging anymore as it's been so long since I got the sledge out of the shed that I don't even own the shed that my sledge is in now.....and my head's beginning to hurt just thinking about what that means.

It's bound to be a blessing mind as I'd probably get laughed off the slopes by the young kids and their trendy, must have sledges with sponsored logos, text talk and other stuff that I don't get, so regularly tut at.

I might parcel a bit up and send it back to the authorities and demand a refund on my council tax. I blame Thatcher. And globalisation has a lot to answer for.

Bloody rubbish snow.