Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A decision to make

One of the advantages of an extended sabbatical is that you can let elements of your personal hygiene slip. Not odour, although it is a temptation to adopt the hermit life and sit in my pit all day (Cue the Hermit association haranguing me). I'm talking more about the facial hair side of business.

I'm not actively growing a beard, but similarly I'm not in a hurry to shave my weeks worth of growth off. For hurry read can't be arsed.

And whatsmore, I'm kind of proud of it now it's progressed from the prickly feel of the early days to a much more softer texture. And I'm now able to rub my chin in a thinkers way giving myself an added air of authrority. But that's purely coincidental and not affecting my judgement in any way.

The only problem is that CJ isn't a fan. She mumbles and grumbles about it.

So I'm left with a decision:

The beard or the girlfriend - one of them has to go.