Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Mind games

"Why don't you come over here? Pick Mummy Duck up on the way and we can have a drive out for something to eat" I text Young Watski on Sunday morning in reply to his own text asking what I was up to that day.

Is it text or texted? I'm still unsure.

"Mummy Duck's gone with Mad Auntie to see some voodoo witch fortune teller thing - she said that she'd be back around 1. I'll give her a ring back then" he replied.

We don't talk anymore - that's so 20th century - nowadays one of us will text 'what you up to?' to the other, followed by 'oh nice' when the other has disclosed their plans. And that's it.

"Well if they're any good, she'll know that you're going to ring and why before she gets back" I replied, pleased with my mental agility whilst earning Orange another easy buck.

"Maybe if I think hard enough I can get her to bring the lawnmower over with her too"

I pressed send but my mind was already debating whether the 'do you reckon you have to cross their palms with silver twice on a Sunday?' reply would have been better instead.

Never mind, the punchline drummer had already *bdum tsh'd* and the adoring audience were building up their rapturous applause.


Before I sent that one too.