Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Only a matter of time

I'm beginning to look at CJ in a slightly different way. Suspiciously, out of the corner of my eye. Looking for the tell tale signs: the black clouds, the broom stick, the cat maybe.

CJ was in New York on 9/11 - she was up one of the towers on the last midnight they ever saw and CJ was also on a beach in Thailand a month before the tsunami.

CJ and I were also in Helmsley on the day it was almost washed away. On Sunday.

We'd been camping for the weekend in Boroughbridge in North Yorkshire, and decided on Sunday afternoon to pack up there and head over to the coast. As we travelled along the A170 towards Scarborough we were constantly being buzzed by loads of smelly bikers. We got to a small village called Helmsley, the gateway to which looked quite nice - I suggested that it might be nice to stop, see what the sites were like with a view to hanging about for a night.

Until we noticed that the place was where the bikers had been headed - it was full of about a million people who shouldn't be wearing leathers, wearing leathers. This gave us the impetus we needed to stay in the car and drive on through.

Luckily for us it seems.