Monday, June 25, 2007

First steps

Watski searches under the bed – he wont tell you what it is he’s searching for but it’s definitely not old porn. No way.

His outstretched arm nudges something and he stretches a little, pulling another muscle in his neck whilst doing so. His fingertips pull it towards him to a point where he can grab hold of it.

“What’s this?” he says to himself as he cradles the book like shape in his hands, before blowing the dust and cobwebs off and rubbing his hand across the front to wipe of the residual dust.

‘Watski’s World” stares back at him from the cover.

“Well I never, my old blog” he smiles as he thinks back to the wonderful times he had with his virtual friends. He is smiling but inside he's a little disappointed that it's not the 1996 Christmas Razzle Special with Debbie from Reading dressed up as an elf.

Heart thumping, memories swirling, he goes to open the blog but the key is missing (for key read password – go with me on this one!), he tries a few variations before stumbling across the right one

“Where the hell did I come up with that one?” He curses to himself. He then struggles to think of an analogy to represent google having some sort of influence nowadays but makes a mental note to moan about it at some point in the future because as good as it might be, it’ll never be as good as it was before.

The blog creaks open.

“Now, how does this thing work again?”