Friday, July 09, 2004

Adult alarm

The neighbours have had a baby. Well the female in the relationship has.

Throughout her burgeoning girth I was worried that my peace and tranquility would be ruined by a bawling child at all hours of day and night. I need not have worried, in the 6 months the child has been in this world it has been perfection personnified, i was actually beginning to worry whether it had any vocal chords at all. The adults are a different story however.

The only noise eminating through the walls is that of adult visitors trying to communicate with the young cherub. "Aaaaaaaaah da da da da da da da da", "yes you are, repeat" and "yayyayayayayayayyayayayayay" seem to be the visitors top 3 at the moment.

Why do adults turn into vocal imbeciles when faced with a baby? The child must be thinking 'they didnt say it would be like this in the handbook, i thought i was meant to make the noise'.

And if its noisy where i am, the young lad whose face the adults are gurning in has my total sympathy. I bet its thankful of some peace and quiet itself when the slobbering adults go away. No wonder it doesnt cry.

If it could talk, i can guess what it would be saying.