Wednesday, July 07, 2004

CatStick, part 2

Read CatStick first for full perspective.


It didn't take long. I've just got off the phone from CJ, i'm at my house and CJ is at her house.

The second sentence to me in the conversation was: "did you hear that?" .

"Is that cat still meowing outside?" i asked, amazed.

"Errrr" Came the sheepish reply, "not exactly outside".

New cat was inside. I wasn't amazed any longer. The saving grace was that it hadnt broken in. And apparently there were no desperate cat shaped holes in the windows. Its meowing had made CJ feel guilty enough to let it in 10 minutes after returning from work. It had taken 10 precious minutes for CJ's will to be broken by a manic meowing new cat. And after i'd worked so hard this morning for the good of the cat free cause as well.

CJ's reasoning for this was that she was weaning new cat off us. She had let new cat in but wasnt going to feed it anything. She was just going to allow new cat to wander round and have some company, with the hope that it would get bored of us if there's no food on offer, and eventually wander off for pastures new.

I know I would.