Monday, July 05, 2004

Nothing to see here..

This blog is pretty simple fare, as you may have noticed from the technology shyer article, or maybe the general layout of this site. Lets face it, its not going to win any prizes for design and layout.

Id like to promote this as being intentional, some sort of minimalistic blog style movement that ive accidentally founded. I could go all out and say that the words are all i need, man. But its none of the above. Its because i have no idea about how to design it any other way than on the template provided. Please dont think that i do know how to and that this is all i managed to come up with. Although i think it does the job.

As regular visitors (of which i have 5 - hello family!) will maybe notice, i've learnt recently how to link things to the site, as you will note from the array of sites listed down the right hand side. If i start showing off with the new thing ive learnt and start to list lots of links that makes it look too dodgy then please let me know.

There is much more to blogs than pretty pictures, graphics and code that only the tech snobs understand. My hope is that anybody who visits this site of their own volition likes reading the stuff eminating from my mind rather any graphics that they might find, and comes back to visit again occasionally because of that.

Thats bearing in mind that your only reason for visiting isnt because its the only site the warders let you have access to.