Monday, July 05, 2004

The Final Countdown

Im beginning to panic, there is now something at the back of my mind in whatever i do that i cant shake. Whenever i have a free moment i catch my mind bullying my conscience. Ive noticed it happening recently, my conscience is quite happy until it has an idle moment, then my mind catches up with it and teases it.

I start my new job 1 week from today. How could i forget? Im effectively at the end of my sabbatical now, in theory i'm now just 'on holiday'. And I've one week left of my 'holiday'. I can now say things like 'this time next week i'll be in my new job', or 'this is my last Monday as a free man'. I've already done the 'this is my last lazy Sunday evening', and so on...

Now is probably the time to at least start doing all those things that i said i'd do 13 weeks ago. Although theres not much chance of them happening now as my mindset has shifted from the: 'i can do all these things now ive got so much time off' outlook that i had 13 weeks ago to: 'i'd better take it easy now and appreciate my final week of freedom'. I cant remember there being a middle ground where i actually did stuff to allow me to appreciate my time off. Maybe i was sleeping then.

Although the use of 'mindset shift' in a paragraph would suggest that i have not been totally 'de-businessed' in my quarantine period. Maybe i need longer.

So the rest of my week will be spent appreciating the time i have left whilst reflecting on not taking more advantage of the time off. Expect the blog to be busy then.