Monday, July 12, 2004

Mail Hail

I've been away from the house for a few days. Everything is as i left it except for the big pile of rubbish thats been tipped through my letter box.

The amount of junk mail delivered is getting to absolutely ridiculous proportions. I counted 15 pieces of mail left since Friday and not one was a genuine letter to me (i was so incensed i had no alternative but to count the mail). The items delievered range from offers for loans, credit cards, sales magazines, estate agents, etc. Since i've been back tonight 2 more people have shoved things through.

Its surely trespassing. Why do these people/firms think they have the right to invade your own personal home life space via your letter box? Surely i should have a say in what gets put into my house. The Royal Mail are the main guilty party, flying junk mail carpet bombing sorties every morning.

Its the same as sales companies ringing up on the home phone, its getting to the point where im sat in the house surrounded by the sound of the phone ringing and the letter box flapping. LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

Everything is geared up to assault you at all times, i was shopping for less than an hour on Sunday in Nottingham City Centre. In the time taken to walk through a shopping centre i was accosted by a woman wanting me to register for a Next directory, then i was stopped by another woman trying to sell me a credit card, and then a man wanted to talk to me about Rover cars. That was all in the space of just 15 minutes.

I was glad to get out into the fresh air and within a matter of seconds had a Big Issue waved in my face, i was given a leaflet about some clothes sale and another about a mobile phone offer, an elderly woman asked if i had a few minutes to spare and a man with a funny haircut did the same a lttle further on.

I then walked into Carphone Warehouse and when i was told that they didnt have my desired phone in stock the assistant said 'do you have a BT landline sir?'. 'No i dont' i lied. I walked further down the road where someone tried to sell me a scooter before a beggar brought my hour of hell to a close.

I dont want to be rude to these people because I'm a pretty civil person, but i just find no alternative. Is it just me that this happens to?