Sunday, July 25, 2004

How to win friends and influence people

Godfrey Bloom, one of the UKIP Members of the European Parliament caused a bit of a furore today, not by disclosing that the party had actually any policies of note but by suggesting that: "No self-respecting small businessman with a brain in the right place would ever employ a lady of child-bearing age."  Does he have a point?   Maybe under that Dickensian bluff he does.

Before all women visitors to this blog start to climb the wall, this is not all he said.   I feel like i'm telling tales, "miss..miss....Godfrey just said stuff about women miss".  He carried on by saying he wanted to deal with women's issues because: "I just don't think they clean behind the fridge enough".    

He then went on to say that he was: " to represent Yorkshire women who always have dinner on the table when you get home. I am going to promote men's rights".  Stop it Godfrey,  please stop it.  My sides are splitting. 
Please don't be fooled by this act.  The man is a legend, a comic genius.  Clearly plying his trade in the wrong profession.  He's obviously a man who has disguised himself as a politician with the aim of getting elected and infiltrating the dull, grey walls of the Eurpoean Parliament to promote fun and laughter.   He's there to put the entertainment back into politics, he's not a politician at all.  Hurray for Godfrey.  

England are short of comedians to fill the very large boots of Bernard Manning when he pops it, or is shot - this man has to be the favourite.  Tell us a racist joke Godfrey - lets see your full repertoire, see how you face up.

How to win friends and influence people the United Kingdom Independence Party Way.  I look forward to hearing more comments in the future that will brighten my day.