Sunday, July 25, 2004

Watski's attempt at a book review...

Although no book reviewer, i do however, read mine, yours and your neighbours share of books.   And have your brothers share of books in a pile to read.  I buy books quicker than i can read them so consequently the pile gets bigger, much to CJ's amusement.  But i thought i'd take the liberty of mentioning a really, great, humbling book that i have just finished.  One that i think you should buy.

It's called 'The New Moon', narrated by a guy called Andre Hue.  His story is that he is of Welsh-French parentage (how unlucky can one person be?), living in war-time France he was conscripted by the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) to help co-ordinate organised French resistance in German occupied Brittany around D-Day, mainly due to his fluency in both French and English.

The book takes the flow of a diary and centres around D-Day itself, charting in detail the course of events.   I've never really been interested in wars especially but after a recent visit to Northern France i thought i'd try and read a little bit more about D-day and the second world war, and the resistance kind of appealed to me.

It really is a fantastic book from start to finish - just a book that i couldn't put down, the only book i've read from behind a cushion.   I had nerves reading it, wondering what was going to happen next - and we're talking about real peoples lives here.  It makes you feel sad and glad at the same time,  these people went through so much and i really dont think that I could have done the same.  I wont go on too much about the humbleness and gratitude as people who write far better than i do have written far better about it, and i couldnt do it the service it deserves.

But you've never read a book you cant put down until you read this one.