Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Sweet F.A

Just what the blazes is happening over at FA Headquarters?  Or otherwise known as TKS (The Knocking Shop).   No sooner has the Chief Executive Mark Palios finished having his wicked way with one of the secretaries then old Mr Burns himself 'Knobber' Eriksson decides that he'd better intervene and talk strategy with said secretary.     

This, not long after showing Ulrika his inside leg measurements at the same time as being saddled with the Italian saddlebag Nancy.  You couldnt write this, it's like Carry On England.  All we need is Kenneth Williams mincing on stage left.  It's not bloody Holland you know Sven.

If he spent half the time he spends on his love life on the football training pitch then we'd be world beaters.    Where does he get it from?  Do any women really find him attractive or is he hiring Max Clifford to give him a bit of an edge?

Maybe Sven took the meaning of FA too literally.