Thursday, July 29, 2004

Meep Meep

A Reja is loose on the Isle of Wight.   I think it's spelt like that, I've never heard of one before and I just couldn't find a link to the story or any info on the bird itself.   

"Oh no" you say.  "Not a Reja""What is it anyway?"  you also say.  "Am i safe" you add.  "What about my children?" .  "Hang on, I'm nowhere near the Isle of Wight" you remember.

Before you all panic and head for the bunkers, a Reja is a Emu like bird that is capable of speeds of up to 45 mph.  It would beat you there anyway, after giving you a head start, if it so wished.

It's a real life roadrunner if you will.

Its owner doesnt seem to bothered about its disappearance, although she is ultimately responsible for its retrieval.  I dont fancy her chances much of catching what is effectively, a hairy motorbike.  With a beak.

But in her pursuit of her odd pet she would do well to learn from the mistakes of Wile E Coyote when stalking her Reja:   Dont use ACME products, dont sit on rockets and dont push big boulders over the edge of cliffs and if you and the Reja come face to face on the edge of a cliff, make sure the cliff isnt crumbling.