Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Catstick 4

Read this first, then this, then this for previous episodes.

Well the love affair is over.  New cat is no more.  

I dont mean that she's a goner, although the temptation was certainly there.  There would have been a good prosecution case against us if new cat had been found weighed down with bricks in the stream - swimming with 'da fishes'.  We definitely had the will, absolutely had the means and were certainly minded.

Nope, we've not done her in, but the freestlye meowing and clinging cat has ceased to be part of our lives.  She doesnt know this yet, but she soon will get the hint.   She's an old new cat, mutant cat was sat back with her pipe watching it coming.

New cat had taken to following CJ around like a 4 legged shadow, wherever CJ went, new cat went.  If CJ sat down then new cat sat down and expected to be stroked, if CJ went upstairs then so did new cat, if CJ got up then new cat got up and expected to be fed, and so on.  It got exhausting.  CJ began to let her into the house less and less, and new cat meowed more and more.  Then we stopped using the back door totally.  Which made putting rubbish out a pain.  And it always seemt to be my job.  Hmmmmmm....

And if new cat wasn't being velcro cat she was being singing cat.  Her perpetual meowing outside the door and window finally broke CJ the other day.  "I dont want her any more, i want her to leave me alone, she's annoying" she said.  And it was easy to understand why.  New cat had sat outside the back and literally meowed all day, and probably most of the night too as she was doing her croaky, deflated, i haven't seen a movement in 7 hours version as i woke to go to work at 6am the following morning.  But she soon perked back up to full velocity when she saw the curtains twitch.

I tried to reason in my own way: "but she loves you, you're the only one who takes care of her, she's paying you back in the only way she knows how - and now you're disowning her.  Poor new cat, destined for a life of no love and loneliness".  You get the idea.  "But she just wont leave me alone"  The lady was not for turning.

So there's no sign of buckling on CJ's part, new cat is in the doghouse, and if i know CJ the doghouse is where she's going to stay.  CJ wont break.  I know.  Trust me.   So for the moment, new cat keeps singing to the God of lonely cats, and still CJ continues to ignore the meows.  I knew it would end in tears.