Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The last word...

"....and I ended up with the blasted thing this year" I heard the lady sitting opposite me say as I got back to my desk.

I thought she was talking about me.

"No, I'm on about my Mother" She said, and told me a story.

Her Mother used to have a particularly nasty ornament on the mantelpiece above the fire at home. 'To keep the kids away from the fire' she would say. Over the years most of the family have seen it when visiting and have said to her at some stage: 'don't leave me this horrible thing when you die'.

She died 3 years ago and left a will.

In it she says that the family must get together on her birthday every year and draw names out of a hat. The name drawn out will be the lucky owner of the ornament for the following year and must display it in a prominent position in their house.

Great story.