Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Watch out, Watski's about...

Similar to the theory that everyone gets 15 seconds of fame in their lifetime is the Watski theory that you will only ever get 1 or 2 chances to win £250 from Jeremy Beadle - so get your camcorder ready.

On Saturday night, I and 100 other people used up one of our chances at CJ's mothers 50th birthday that she hosted for 100 of her family and friends above a pub in town.

CJ's mother is a scouser, although she's lost the accent having been provincialised for so long she manages to find it again though when the clan get together. As an exiled scouser she is also the beneficiary of my raised eyebrow look after hub caps go missing or something. 'You can take the girl out of Liverpool, etc'. The rest of her family still live there and they exhibit the typical Liverpool stereotype of one half of the family supporting Everton and the other half supporting Liverpool. Safe to say that the Blue half were the happier on Saturday night.

CJ's sister lives in India and couldn't make the party, so we'd arranged for her to send a CD of her wishing happy birthday so that we could play it in the middle of the party in true 'this is your life/bring on the tears' style.

The brief was that CJ had to keep her Mother occupied while I set the projector and laptop up and got everything ready. CJ duly did this then got her mother and placed her in the appropriate position when I gave the signal.

The only problem with the appropriate position, as we found out immediately was that it was stood next to the fire door. Not a great problem normally but it became a problem when her Mother leaned on it and proceeded to fall backwards out of it.

No-one helped her, we all were jumping for our cameras and cursing the fact that we hadn't got anything set up.

She wouldn't even do it again for us.