Thursday, December 23, 2004

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiit's Christmas!!

Not content with having a name that I find difficult to pronounce, Arun has now taken it upon himself to become DJ to the office massive.

It's not uncommon to hear music in the office every now and again. Some find radio stations on the internet, some play CD's on their drives. Some bring Christmas CD's into the office and play them at unreasonable levels with no sense of shame, some actually like it if some bring Christmas CD's into the office and play them at unreasonable levels with no sense of shame or their own shame.

Some shake their heads and wish that thoughts about painful deaths to work colleagues came true.

Now I like Christmas as much as the next reasonably minded, level headed sane individual, but Christmas songs are rubbish. They are. No arguments. There is no-one that can tell me that Christmas songs are good. And it being Christmas doesn't automatically make Christmas songs good or worth playing. You wouldn't play rubbish songs all year round, unless you're commercial radio, so why play rubbish songs with vigour at Christmas? They're rubbish!

Making sarcastic comments about Christmas music too always brings the 'get into the Christmas spirit' and 'Bah Humbug' comments from the tinsel huggers. If playing 'Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time' 25 times an hour for a month means I'm in the Christmas spirit then I'll leave it if it's all the same with you. I notice John Lennon popped his clogs soon after furnishing the future with a Christmas record. Coincidence? I'll leave it up to you. I call it shame. Either that or Mark Chapman was as fed up as me.

When Roy Wood sang 'I wish it could be Christmas every day' did he really think about the practicalities of such a statement? I don't think he did. Christmas trees would have to be replaced monthly, changing fused bulbs on lights would become annoying, the money spent on presents would be ridiculous, shopping would just become impossible. Life as we know it would cease to exist - society would break down.

What a stupid thing to say - just actually think about having Christmas every day. Think about it Roy. Have you thought about it? I don't think you have have you? Irresponsible. I can't bring myself to think about it.

The worst thing about having Christmas every day in my mind though would be having to listen to shite Christmas music every day.