Monday, January 10, 2005

Small fry

If this web page was the universe, then our earth in it would be 100 times smaller than this dot: . . (the first dot, not the second one - the second one was a full stop which I used for punctuationary purposes). I'm not even sure that punctuationary is a word, maybe I should have used grammatical instead of punctuationary but I like punctuationary better even if it isn't a word.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the full stop and our earth being 100 times smaller than it. It's not an exact measurement - I'm estimating. You'd probably gathered that. I copied it if I'm truly honest. I planned to measure it but was let down by the size of tape measures in B&Q and the absence of a return phonecall from NASA. So I looked on the interweb instead. How am I meant to achieve perfection with so many people uncommitted to the cause?

There is a point to this drivel by the way for all of you just about to switch over. Although I like to think that most of you are intrigued as to where I'm going with this. Never let it be said that you dont get your recommended daily allowance of information as well as thought provoking insight from this blog.

My point takes the form of a question:

Why in a universe so big are so many people trying to get to Leeds at the same time as me in the morning?