Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Medical Emergency

I would like to apologise the person(s) searching for 'bonjela applied to eye by mistake' for this blog showing up on your google results search last night.

I have no idea why I'm ranked 3rd for this search either and if I could give you back the valuable seconds you wasted by clicking on me then I would. I hope this didn't delay your recovery in what must have been an emergency situation.

But lets make it clear that I have no liability for any delay in the injury being treated - I didn't force you to click on here. It was your choice. It's got to be fairly obvious that this place is going to be no help at all in any medical emergency. It's not much help at anything at all if I'm honest. It's positively a hinderance in most cases.

I do hope you found that the information and thought provoking insight provided by this blog eased your pain and anguish somewhat before massaging your shoulders and running a hot bath. It's a little bit like that. And if you would like to pop back when you have all eyes fully functioning then I'm sure you would enjoy it much more - although there is no truth to the rumour that this blog is best read with both eyes closed.

I do hope you now have the situation under control. It's always better in the morning.

But it does beg the question:

In the eye?

How the hell?