Thursday, March 03, 2005

Things that are...


"So are you looking to relocate?"
The guy from the recruitment agency asked as he was trying to get an idea of my circumstances.

"Definitely not" I replied.

Hey I know Mansfield's a bit of a dump, and that you'd expect that I'd take any opportunity to get out. But it's my dump. And I like it.

"Ok - not... looking... to... relocate.."
he slowly said as I imagined him writing it down.

"I may have a few things of interest, I'll just make a few phonecalls and may give you a call back later"

"Ok, fine" I replied, not expecting much. If past experience of recruitment agencies was anything to go by then I wouldn't be talking to him anytime soon.

An hour later the phone rang again...

"Hello Watski, yeah right I've just been on the phone to blah, blah, and they would love to talk to you - but you'd have to relocate to Scarborough for the job"

"That's great but I told you that I'm not looking to relocate"

"Ok yeah, I knew you'd say that but I just thought I'd ask anyway"


I'm off to the good old US of A for a few days. So no trashing the place while I'm away.